Virus free travel cash

Protection for your family.
Peace of mind for you.

Foreign exchange that’s free from Covid-19, SARS and all other viruses and germs

Processed in a completely sterile environment

Order sealed bundles of 250 Clean Euros or US Dollars

Plenty of small notes included to reduce the need for change

Delivery to any UK address including home or work

As seen in: The Telegraph, The Sun, Daily Mail Online,, iNews and more

Foreign exchange that’s free from Covid-19, SARS and all other viruses and germs

Processed in a completely sterile environment

Order sealed bundles of 250 Clean Euros or US Dollars

Plenty of small notes included to reduce the need for change

Delivery to any UK address including home or work

As seen in: The Telegraph, The Sun, Daily Mail Online,, iNews and more

Truly virus free

Clean Currency is brand new bank notes

We order Mint-sealed bricks of brand new currency, direct from wholesale

We offer set bundles of 250 Euros and 250 US Dollars

We've chosen the most popular currencies that are accepted and can be used in the majority of countries

We include plenty of small notes

Our bundles are made up entirely of 5's and 10's to make it easier for you when you're away. You're more likely to have the exact money you need to pay for something and reducing the need for change

We work in completely sterile conditions

Our staff wear PPE and work in a sterile environment to avoid contamination

All bundles are sealed in tamper-proof packaging

Sealing the bundles means the currency remains sterile until you open it to use the money

Cash or card?

When cash is better on holiday

Wondering if you’ll need cash or card on holiday? We asked 277 Travel Money Club customers for their thoughts about travel money and in particular for instances when they thought cash might be better than card.
(Source: Travel Money Club online survey, July 2020)

When is cash better than cards on holiday?

Taxi rides



Enjoying cafes and bars



Shopping locally



Day at the beach or pool



Travelling with my children or family



Travelling alone



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Cash is cleaner than cards

You may not be aware but actually cash is cleaner than cards. You may have though that cards were cleaner but actually they’re not. Not unlike a smartphone, your cards are covered with everyday germs and bacteria simply because you’re used to touching them with your hands and then touching other surfaces. So if you’ve popped your pincode in and then picked up your card, the surface of your card now has whatever was on the pinpad. Sadly the five second rule doesn’t apply to Covid-19.

How about contactless cards? Well the same applies. Theoretically your card should only need to be ‘near’ the payment terminal for the reader to pick up the signal and process the payment, but in practice many people end up tapping their card onto the device. So whatever was on the payment device from previous uses over the past few days is now also on your card. By contrast, Clean Currency is completely sterile and safe for you to use anywhere, anytime without fear or worry.

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Protecting your family

Don’t open your Clean Currency bundles until you actually need to.

When paying, don’t put the bundle down on any surfaces. Keep it in your hand or bag.

Protect your valuables and money at all times, when out and about, and at your accommodation.

Use antibacterial gel frequently.

Stay Safe!

What's in a bundle?

Because we want to make it quick and easy for you to pay with Clean Currency when you’re on holiday and to reduce the likelihood of you needing change, our bundles are made of only 5 Euro or US Dollar notes and 10 Euro or US Dollar notes.

Designed for peace of mind on holiday.

That’s one less thing to worry about.


Quarantine Envelopes

Sometimes getting change is unavoidable when you’re paying for something, no matter how hard you try and that’s why we created Clean Currency Quarantine Envelopes. They might reassure you or they might make you smile, but either way we automatically include four with every order.

Take a Quarantine Envelope and open it up

Ask for the change to be put directly into the envelope

Seal the envelope and make a note of what's inside it

Store it safely, in a safe if there is one or locked in a suitcase

Take it back to the UK for next time or pop it into a charity box


Where do the new notes come from?

They are sourced from a national Mint by a wholesale notes distributor.

Have the notes been used before?

No, the notes are delivered to us in sealed ‘bricks’ in mint condition.

How do you keep your prep space sterile?

We remove all contaminants then clean down our prep space with EPA-certified disinfectant wearing disposable masks, gloves and aprons.

Why pack bundles of 250?

We prepare the bundles of notes in advance of processing our orders, and 250 seemed a multiple that could meet both the smallest and largest need for cash.

What notes do you provide?

We provide 10 x 5 €/$ and 20 x 10 €/$ notes. This means that if you order the maximum £2,500 then you would receive 300 notes (100 x 5’s and 200 x 10’s).

Can I choose my own denominations?

As we need to pre-pack the Clean Currency bundles in a sterile environment wearing PPE prior to picking any orders, we have pre-selected the denominations you will receive and these cannot be changed Each 250 bundle contains 10 x 5’s and 20 x 10’s.

Why only Euros and US Dollars?

There is an ample supply of minted Euros and Dollars in the UK, so we are able to procure them at short notice to cope with almost any demand and without a surcharge from the wholesalers. Other currencies have limited supplies of minted notes and a surcharge is payable. There is already an additional cost from the pick, pack and packaging, EPA-certified cleaning materials and PPE.

Will you supply other currencies in the Clean Currency format?

If the demand is high for Euros and Dollars, and we get sufficient requests for other currencies, we may be able to extend our range depending on current supplies in the UK and the wholesale uplift.

How are the notes bundled?

The notes are broken out of Mint-sealed bricks and re-packed in a sterile environment by staff wearing PPE into tamper-proof bags, then securely stored until they are picked for an order.

How do you know they are virus-free?

The notes were printed, trimmed and sealed into bricks in a contaminant-free environment at the Mint. The Mint-sealed bricks are sent to our distribution centre where they are opened and re-packed in a sterile environment by staff wearing PPE into tamper-proof bags. The tamper-proof bags remain sealed until you open them on your trip. Our lab partner randomly tests a sealed bag every 14 days to confirm that the notes are free from contaminants.

Can I open my bundles before I depart?

We strongly recommend that you do not break the seal on your bundles until you are ready to spend the notes. This keeps them contaminant-free for the longest possible time. You can count the notes through the tamper-proof bag (10 x 5’s and 20 x 10’s).

What if my bundle does not contain 250?

Because we open 2 bricks of 5’s and 3 bricks of 10’s in each packing session, there should be no spare notes when we pack the last bundle (and if there is, we start again). Our staff are trained and experienced in handling cash, so it is rare that we make a mistake. We record every session and note the date/time each bundle is picked so that we can review video footage if you have a query.

What are quarantine envelopes?

You use quarantine envelopes to receive change when spending your clean currency, then seal the envelope away either for your next trip or for a charity donation (most airlines will collect spare change for their nominated charity). Just open and hold out the envelope and ask the retailer to drop the change in without touching the envelope. You can then note the contents on the outside, seal the envelope, and store it securely until you leave. We supply 4 quarantine envelopes with each order.

Can I get more quarantine envelopes?

Please sign in to your travel cash retailer’s website and use the chat to speak with one of our agents. We can sent out additional envelopes for a small additional charge of £5 for bundles of 10, payable by Paypal using a debit or credit card (you don’t need a Paypal account). Alternatively email your order number to and we will get in touch with you.

How long does it take to receive a Clean Currency order?

Because of the additional cleaning, preparation and pre-packing, we need an additional day to despatch a Clean Currency order. So if your retailer normally offers currency with 1 business day lead time, then Clean Currency will take 2 business days.

Why does it take an extra day to despatch Clean Currency?

We order in Mint-sealed Euros and US Dollars daily, then break them up into smaller bundles for Clean Currency. An additional day’s lead time allows us to order in the required quantity of Mint-sealed notes for the next day’s despatch, then break them down into smaller Clean Currency bundles ready for picking into your order the following day.

How much does it cost for Clean Currency?

There are additional costs involved with processing Clean Currency orders and we leave each retailer to decide if and how to recover those costs when compared with regular Euros and Dollars. You could pay a fixed fee or the exchange rate might be slightly lower for the Clean Currency version.

Where can I purchase Clean Currency?

Clean Currency is part of a mail order travel cash service provided to the travel, international payments and personal finance industries, as well as to corporates sending their staff overseas. You can find details of a selection of retailers supplying Clean Currency on our website at

I work in the UK travel industry. Where will I find the trade-only site for buying Clean Currency?

If you work in the travel trade you can benefit from Clean Currency at wholesale rates. Your business first needs to register by emailing, and then you can sign up at You need to use a work email address, and add EUR or USD to your basket – you will then be prompted to upgrade to the Clean Currency versions at no extra cost.

Can my business supply Clean Currency to our customers?

Yes, that’s exactly what we do. We provide a fully outsourced, white label, mail order travel cash solution to the travel industry. We handle the technology, customer on-boarding, orders, payments, deliveries and customer support. Interested? Clean Currency is just one of our innovative product features. Just email for further information.