Partner with us and get a welcome extra margin to top up your financial year.
Requires only minimal integration with everything else being fully outsourced to us


The Travel Industry and Business Travel

If you’re a travel company, add Clean Currency to your website so that your customers can add virus free travel cash to their travel booking for peace of mind, and you can make a welcome additional margin.


International Money Transfer, Payments and Financial Services

Add Clean Currency to your product portfolio so your clients can order travel cash as well as making payments and transfers. It provides a more complete service for your customers and gives you something new to promote.


Corporates, SME's and HR Departments

Meet your duty of care and keep your staff safe by ensuring that when they need to travel overseas to do business or for meetings, they’re doing so with Clean Currency. It's one less thing to worry about.

To find out how your company could benefit from extra margin this year, please contact us.

Karen Gee